A Little Bit About Me...

I have studied herbs and natural remedies informally for the last 25 years.  In 2016 I qualified from the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences with an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, which incorporates Western herbal medicine, iridology and nutritional medicine.  I also have a Bachelor of Education and taught for 17 years in Tasmania.  In 2017 I wrote Herbal Healing – Growing and using herbs in Tasmania to treat common ailments and minor injuries.

It was while I was taking a break from teaching to care for my husband during an illness that I undertook formal studies in Naturopathy.  When I graduated I had friends and family coming to me for help with various conditions, and then friends of friends… I started the clinic so I can treat all those who come to me with professionalism and with access to quality products and functional pathology.

I grow some of the herbs I use in the clinic and make many of the tinctures I utilise for bespoke medicines and creams. Currently I am investigating the use of home-distilled herbal hydrosols for use digestively and transdermally.  It is a fascinating and practical field of study, and so much fun.

Prior to our two children becoming grown-ups we were a homeschooling family which was a happy adventure none of us have ever regretted.  Currently we live in Ulverstone with an expanding veggie garden, fruit trees, a hammock, a dog and a rustic pizza oven made from old chimney bricks.