What I Do

Before seeing any Naturopath or other Alternative Health Practitioner it is vital to have an idea of what you are letting yourself in for, and whether that is something with which you are comfortable.  I can supply bespoke (made just for you) herbal medicines, teas, creams and gels;  I may recommend supplements or give dietary advice; I may teach you how to grow and use herbs for your specific conditions.  Before I can recommend any treatment I will conduct a health assessment by taking a detailed history and may utilise nutritional analysis, nail and tongue analysis, iridology.  I may discuss the possibility of ordering a functional pathology test if this is indicated.  I will never conduct any analysis if the client is not comfortable with it and fully respect clients’ choices in this matter.  Read below for an overview of each analysis.

Health Assessment

When you come to a consultation with me you may expect to encounter some (certainly not all) of the following:

Nutritional analysis – this may be a recall of the last 24 hours’ intake or a full breakdown of a detailed diary of the past week’s diet. From this, detailed analysis of carbohydrate, protein, fats, vitamin and mineral intake can be extrapolated. Likely deficiencies or imbalances can be identified and dietary adjustments can be made.

Nail and tongue analysis – an examination of the fingernails and tongue can help inform of deficiencies and imbalances and may indicate underfunctioning of certain organ systems.  I just need to look at the nails/tongue – no contact is involved.

Iridology – Iridology is the study of the iris to determine potential health problems and inherent weaknesses. Utilised as part of a full naturopathic assessment, iridology can help identify what specific organs or body systems may be involved in the underlying cause(s) of symptoms or conditions.  I photograph the iris using a purpose-built camera.

Functional pathology– tests can be ordered including stool analysis, hormone profile, gastrointestinal profile, liver detoxification profile, intestinal permeability, immune system status, osteoporosis risk assessment, mineral analysis, nutritional profile.  The test I find most useful is a comprehensive biome mapping which gives a detailed understanding of the client’s individual gut microbiome, the metabolites it creates and the impact these may be having on health. This gives insight into what may be driving many health conditions and provides specific pointers to the steps needed to restore balance.

Detailed history – the most important means of understanding any health issue is to spend time getting to know the client and the history leading to their seeking a consultation.  

Incorporating all the information gathered from the above investigations can help direct a specific, highly individualised healing and health maintenance plan.

Treatment Options

I make use of modern research and technology, using quality products from established companies and accessing professional webinars, journals and research papers.  However my deep respect for the traditions and understandings of the craft of using herbs and food for healing underlies all I do.  It is a joy to provide a client with a bespoke tincture containing herbs I have grown, harvested and macreated into a liquid I have formulated to extract the maximum range of phytochemicals the plants have to offer.   


Western Herbal Medicine – Creating a herbal formula for someone is entirely individual. Every herbal formula will be different, even for people who present with the same diagnosed condition. As the body heals, the herbal formula is adjusted accordingly.

The more research is conducted, the more properties are discovered that help explain why the herbs are so effective. We learn that previously unrecognised phytochemicals within the herb support its healing action or protect vulnerable organs from unwanted side-effects. When we use herbs, we know what actions they can have on body systems, and we know partly how this action is effected; but we have no idea how many other undiscovered components of the herb are also working to support and promote this action. We use them because they work, and we are aware of their limitations and contraindications. We respect them because we didn’t create them, we don’t know everything about them, but we have learnt over the centuries that they have specific benefits for our bodies and our holistic wellbeing. Now research is beginning to help us understand how and why this is so.

Herbal formulas may be presented as tinctures to be taken in water, as tisanes (herbal teas) to be taken warm or cold, or as creams to be used externally.

Nutritional Medicine – Food is wonderful stuff. It is what sustains and feeds us and supplies our bodies with what it needs to do all the things we aren’t even aware it is doing to make/keep us healthy. A full dietary analysis can give valuable insight into how well the body is being fuelled and where deficiencies may be contributing to existing conditions. The really exciting thing is how eating certain foods can support specific body systems and promote healing. Real food really is ‘medicine’, and specific, individualised dietary changes can be implemented to best utilise it.

Sports Nutrition – The use of food as fuel and medicine is vital to support the body through training and sports performance. Knowing how to utilise food and supplements can optimise training benefits, performance, endurance and recovery. A full and detailed dietary analysis can reveal intake imbalances and help direct an eating plan to ensure the required nutrients are available when they are needed.

Supplements – While the optimal goal is to have all required nutrients supplied through food in its natural state, there are circumstances in which supplements can be the best option to promote and support healing. I supply supplements from practitioner-only companies whose manufacturing processes are conducted in Australia to rigorous standards. Supplements I prescribe are made available to clients at below rrp and any profit to the clinic from the sale of supplements is fully disclosed.